Ukrainian Science Diaspora

Ukrainian Science Diaspora in Spain


Khvostenko Kateryna

Horkovchuk Julia (+380)955260513, (+34)643906033

The main goal of the diaspora is to unite Ukrainian and Spanish scientists in order to deepen Ukrainian-Spanish relations, encourage scientists to implement joint projects with their Spanish colleagues, support Ukrainian scientists in Spain through grants, and help them to satisfy their scientific interests and personal fulfillment.

Main activities of the Diaspora:

- Strengthening the solidarity of Ukrainians abroad to implement ideas related to post-war recovery through science;

- encouragement and support of research activities and cooperation of scientists from Ukraine in Spain;

- providing advisory and information support to scientists and university youth in various areas of scientific, social, public and other activities in Spain;

- creation of a scientific and research bank (grants, foundations) with further development of research programs in priority areas of Ukrainian-Spanish relations, including academic exchange programs for students, international grants for research and scholarships for study;

- support and organization of joint international conferences; roundtables, seminars in specific research areas;

- popularization of Ukrainian science in the Spanish and international environment;

- establishing contacts with the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain, the Honorary Consulates of Ukraine in Spain, as well as similar associations in the EU and the world.

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13 May 2024

Легендарна Тайра виступила з чудовою ініціативою народної дипломатії, яка дуже суголосна з науковою

30 April 2024

Шановні представники української наукової діаспори! Запрошуємо взяти участь в Конкурсі експертів Мін

16 February 2024

On February 15, 2024, the first meeting of Ukrainian scientists in Spain "Ways to integrate Uk

Запрошуємо на другу зустріч наукової діаспори в Іспанії 20 червня 2024, о 14:00 (час за Мадридом). П