Ukrainian Science Diaspora



The Russian war in Ukraine forced Ukrainian scientists to leave the country. Many universities and research institutions around the world have kindly helped and hosted many of them. This is a great support, as well as a manifestation of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. An initial estimate by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine showed that more than 5,000 scientists abroad left Ukraine after the invasion. These people are scattered all over the world, but now it is essential to maintain contact with them and not lose it for the further reconstruction and development of Ukraine. As the experience of other countries that survived the war shows, the migration of scientists can be effective for the development of their home country.

The Scientist Support Office at the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has launched the “Ukrainian Science Diaspora | Ukrainian Science Diaspora” initiative. The aim of the initiative is to unite the efforts of Ukrainian scientists abroad of different waves of migration for further joint research projects, develop tools for their support programs, and their return to Ukraine.

Who is considered part of the Ukrainian scientific diaspora?

Those persons who 1) do not reside in Ukraine, 2) have Ukrainian citizenship or consider themselves Ukrainians by origin (have Ukrainian roots), 3) have or have had the status of a scientist/researcher, 4) are interested in joint research and other projects related to the restoration and development of Ukraine.

It is assumed that the implementation of the “Українська наукова діаспора | Ukrainian Science Diaspora” initiative will contribute to:

- strengthening of the cohesion of Ukrainians abroad for the implementation of ideas related to post-war reconstruction through science;

- improving of the image of Ukrainian science in the world;

- establishing of effective networking in various fields of science both within the Ukrainian scientific diaspora and between its representatives and scientists in Ukraine;

- Institutional cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign universities and research institutions;

- initiation of mentoring by those representatives of the Ukrainian scientific diaspora who have been living abroad for a long time;

- increasing of the representation of the scientific activity of community members;

- initiation and implementation of charity projects.

The action plan of the " Українська наукова діаспора | Ukrainian Science Diaspora" initiative includes the following actions:

- Identifying the needs of Ukrainian scientists for further development of a policy for their support.

- Engaging the Ukrainian scientific diaspora in dialogue and communication among themselves and with scientists who have remained in Ukraine.

- Consultations on establishing centers of Ukrainian scientific communities in different countries and support for their activities.

- Creating a mapping of the Ukrainian scientific diaspora and a database of those scientists who could participate in joint initiatives in the future.