Ukrainian Science Diaspora

Interdisciplinary scientific network "Vision Ukraїne: Education, Language, Migration"

Contact person: Lyudmyla Pidkuymukha

Our mission: to redefine knowledge about Ukraine in German-language academic, media and public discourse.

Vision: to develop evidence-based strategies in the fields of education, language and migration

The goals:


  • Creating an academic space for interdisciplinary exchange on migration and remigration, education and language, restructuring of Ukrainian-German relations, and contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine.
  • Research on topics related to Ukraine with Ukrainians as partners in international cooperation.
  • Maintaining long-term scientific interest in Ukraine and building sustainable structures
  • Equal participation in the creation of knowledge in the scientific discourse

Knowledge transfer

  • Dissemination of research results in academic circles and in public discourse
  • Initiation of dialogue and cooperation with educational institutions and NGOs; exchange of experience


  • Creating an academic space for interdisciplinary exchange on migration and remigration, education and language
  • Building international cooperation in research and its practical application
  • Integrating different expertise to develop joint projects

Support for young researchers

  • Academic support for young scientists
  • Counseling, mentoring and master classes


  • Informing about current publications and Call for papers
  • Conferences, workshops and events

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Chapter News

13 May 2024

Легендарна Тайра виступила з чудовою ініціативою народної дипломатії, яка дуже суголосна з науковою

30 April 2024

Шановні представники української наукової діаспори! Запрошуємо взяти участь в Конкурсі експертів Мін

01 November 2023

Contacts of the centers can be found HERE The Ukrainian science diaspora is actively expanding its h

31 October 2023

On 27 October 2023, the workshop "Scientific Networking is Important" was held online. Th

30 October 2023

On 27 October 2023, the Ukrainian Science Diaspora digital platform was officially launched to bring