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We are Ukrainian scientists in the Czech Republic and Czech scientists who are interested in mutual cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian science. We encompass all fields of science and fundamentally open to everyone.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to unite all Ukrainian scientific forces in the Czech Republic, coordinate and support various scientific centers, initiatives, projects, ideas, individual scientists, and develop collaboration between Czech and Ukrainian scientists. Our goals are Information, Visibility, and Representation.


  • To inform about projects, ideas, initiatives, centers of Ukrainian scientists in the Czech Republic, opportunities for cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian scientists, job opportunities, and other forms of support for scientific research.
  • Mutual support for Ukrainian and Czech cooperation projects by sharing information about them.
  • Building a network of cooperation and information sharing among Ukrainian, Czech, and European NGOs, universities, and other institutions.
  • Spreading information about the state of science in Ukraine and Ukrainian culture, history, and science in the Czech Republic, Europe, and the world.


  • To make Ukrainian scientists and their research visible in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Europe.
  • Organizing events, promoting ideas, projects, and centers of Ukrainian scientists in the Czech Republic, and engaging Czech scientists interested in collaborating with Ukrainians and Ukraine.


  • Representing the needs, ideas, and visions of Ukrainian scientists in the Czech Republic and Czech scientists interested in cooperation with Ukrainians and Ukraine.
  • Collaboration with Ukrainian community organizations in the Czech Republic and Ukrainian scientific organizations in other EU countries.
  • Collaboration with Czech communities, universities, state and non-state institutions.

The values we share:

Solidarity, Honesty, Openness, Freedom, Dialogue, Scientific Rigor

We believe that the common good, both in science and society, is rooted in mutual solidarity, support, respect for freedom, openness (Open Science & Open Society), a high culture of collaboration and discussion based on reasoned truth and honest and open dialogue. Our focus is on the Czech Republic and Ukraine in a broad European context.


The idea of such an organization arose in June 2023 during meetings of Ukrainian scientists within the framework of Czexpats Meetups. The idea had been brewing for quite some time, until it was ready particularly after the full-scale phase of the russian war against Ukraine led to a significant influx of Ukrainian scientists into the Czech Republic. In June, a volunteer group was formed to undertake the task of organizing Ukrainian scientists. On June 26, the first online meeting took place, bringing together over 40 Ukrainian scientists in the Czech Republic. Throughout July, more than 60 individuals expressed their interest in joining the organization. Following extensive consultations with our colleagues from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, France, and other countries, we developed the organization’s articles of association. Finally, on September 27, 2023, the first founding assembly was held, during which the CzUSS Council was elected.

Chapter Events

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events.

Chapter News

13 May 2024

Легендарна Тайра виступила з чудовою ініціативою народної дипломатії, яка дуже суголосна з науковою

30 April 2024

Шановні представники української наукової діаспори! Запрошуємо взяти участь в Конкурсі експертів Мін