Ukrainian Science Diaspora

Science Diplomacy

Science diplomacy of the Ukrainian scientific diaspora is focused on using the talents and networks of Ukrainian scientists abroad to strengthen international cooperation, promote the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and experience to solve global challenges and create a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

Scientific diplomacy is focused on interdisciplinary dialogue, intercultural relations, personal human contacts and interaction with foreign audiences.

What is science diplomacy?

Science diplomacy is a branch of public diplomacy and a tool of "soft power" that involves using scientific, technological, and academic relationships to achieve foreign policy goals and promote international cooperation.

Science diplomacy uses the expertise and contributions of the science diaspora and global research networks to facilitate international collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation. It aims to build strong partnerships and enhance mutual understanding between countries, thereby contributing to shared scientific achievements, addressing global challenges, and shaping a positive image of a country in the world.

Science diplomacy has three dimensions:

  1. Diplomacy for science – the use of diplomatic action to facilitate international scientific collaboration, e.g. by negotiating R&D agreements and exchange programmes or enabling the establishment of international research infrastructures;
  2. Science for diplomacy – the use of science as a soft power to advance diplomatic objectives, e.g. for building bridges between nations and creating good will on which diplomatic relations can be built;
  3. Science in diplomacy – the direct support of diplomatic processes through science, e.g. by providing scientific advice and evidence to inform and support decision-making in foreign and security policies.