Ukrainian Science Diaspora

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We invite representatives of the Ukrainian science diaspora who have successful experience in conducting and/or administering research activities on the international level to join our team of mentors. Additionally, Ukrainian scholars who:

  • are (or were) researchers/employees of foreign universities and research centers,
  • have an internal drive to act as mentors, experts, and consultants, and are thus willing to share their experience and time,
  • are interested in the development of Ukrainian science and researchers in Ukraine,

have a scientific interest in exploring the current Ukrainian context, particularly in partnership with Ukrainian researchers.

If you wish to become a mentor, you first need to join the Ukrainian science diaspora. Afterward, you will receive an invitation in your profile where you should provide information about the experience you would like to share with Ukrainian scholars, along with your photo and CV.

To become a mentor, we invite you to join the network or please sign in.