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Ukrainian Studies in Lausanne

13.03.2024 14:20 (Europe/Zurich) University of Lausanne


Presentation of Current Research (14:20 – 15:20)

Tetiana Shevchenko (UNIL) Moderator

Béla Kapossy (UNIL)

“Mykhailo Drahomanov: Switzerland on Ukraine's Intellectual Map of Europe”

Yuliya Mayilo (UNIL), Daria Zalesskaya (UNIL)

“Ukrainian Language Courses and Linguistic Studies at UNIL: Results and Prospects”

Olena Iarmosh (UNIL)

“Improving Job Search and Occupational Matching for Ukrainian Refugees in Switzerland” (led by Prof. Rafael Lalive)

Iryna Bondarevska (UNIL)

“Project: Attitudes Towards Migration and Society in Ukraine”


Ukrainian Humanities in Lausanne: Рerspectives and Partnerships (15:30 – 16:50)

Anastasiіa Shevchenko (UNIL) Moderator

Frithjof Benjamin Schenk (URIS, University of Basel)

“The Program “Ukrainian Research in Switzerland (URIS)”. Objectives, Activities, and Experiences (2017-2024)”

Alexander Dmitriev (EPFL), Anastasia de La Fortelle (UNIL)

“Ukrainian Scholarships and Literary Memory: Recent Research Strategies”

Viktoriia Skriabina (UNIL)

“Ukrainian Literature as Part of European Culture: Executed Renaissance in English Translations”

Hanna Perekhoda (UNIL)

“Reinterpreting Histories of Russia and Ukraine after Feb 24, 2022: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges”


Book Presentations (17:00 – 18:30)

Hamest Tamrazyan (College of Humanities, EPFL) Moderator

Tetiana Shevchenko (Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine /UNIL)

“Greek Religion in Tauric Chersonesos”

Fabian Baumann (University of Basel)

“Dynasty Divided: a Family History of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism”

Anastasiia Shevchenko (UNIL)

“The Hoshkevych Family in the Socio-Cultural Life of Ukraine: “New Family History” ”

The presentation will be followed by an aperitif

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  • Start Date: 13 March 2024 14:20
  • End Date: 13 March 2024 18:30
  • Timezone: Europe/Zurich


  • Host: University of Lausanne
  • Location: University of Lausanne, Вuilding Anthropole, Room 2013
  • Address: University of Lausanne